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Combining data, animation and design

With an interactive project, the sum is truly greater than the parts.

I can blend multiple storytelling techniques into one interactive project—combining audio narration, XML data and Flash-based maps and charts to create searchable interactive graphics. Or I can shoot, edit and integrate video with maps and elevation charts to create a truly multimedia experience.

I design, program and produce interactive stories using Flash, ActionScript 3, HTML, CSS and XML. In programming, my goal is to create code that is flexible enough to be used again in a variety of different projects. This makes developing new projects faster and lets me focus on adding features that will help tell each specific story.

Online projects are frequently a team effort.

I've worked with teams to produce and maintain interactive projects for breaking news stories—ensuring that the projects remained current and updated as additional information and resources became available. I've also developed easy-to-use templates to enable other journalists to create online quizzes, calendars, and maps. Those templates increase the total number of online projects being produced in the newsroom and free me to work on special projects.


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